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Megaman vs Metalman Megaman vs Metalman

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It was hilariously bad. Seriously, the art was terrible, the animation was shoddy, the sound effects were mediocre and I'm not sure how you even got the voice acting to sound that terrible. Everything about this was ridiculously subpar. However, I respect all the work you clearly put into it and I feel like I saw some improvement towards the end there. Keep trying.

CopsOnFireWithErections CopsOnFireWithErections

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I found the lack of cops on fire sporting large erections made this difficult to masturbate to. Good, nonetheless.

Prosnorkulus Prosnorkulus

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Okay, for a critique.

The animation is extremely uneven in quality. Some portions are well done. For instance, the landscape shots are nice. Your creative facials designs are also pretty interesting, but somewhat hit or miss (the guy on the horse, for instance, looked pretty terrible). Your detailing of the internal organs I consider a plus, as it really does at a lot of depth to your frames.

At first, I found the violence to be excessive, but as it carried on it seemed to get funnier and funnier. As, what I'm assuming is, a parody of over the top and indulgent violence, I thought this really hit home. Every over the top slaughtering seemed to get more ludicrously amusing. It's the slow-down the really makes it work, though. I feel that some people didn't take too well to the violence due to the score, but clearly it's an integral part of the humor here so nuts to them I guess.

Now, at some parts it just looks awful and I think that's what really hurts you the most. Even during some of the better segments, the whole thing feels like it was done in some MS paint universe. Whether it be intentional or not, it hurts the overall presentation. I'm just going to assume that, as someone who is clearly capable of drawing decently enough, you don't need to be told which portions look good or bad, so I'll leave it at that.

The humor was solid. Some parts were funnier than others. I loved the sniper. I bits with the kings. Found it funny how you used the same silent frame of prosnorkulus during all the dialogue.

Overall, I thought this was decent, but if you could increase your line quality. Make your animation more fluid. Add some visual flair. Have a bit more consistency in the quality and improve a few other details I think you'd have something awesome here.

I rated 10 because I think this deserves a better score, but my actual rating would be about an 8.

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MiddleFingerRings responds:

Fair enough my friendo, a good review indeed. Also, all the people who voted low because of the violence are in fact the little girls I mentioned.

Recent Game Reviews

Binding of Isaac DEMO Binding of Isaac DEMO

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

way to misinterpret the story, bro

I hate people that read a bible story and then reinterpret it in a way that twists the original meaning or puts it in a skewed perspective.

Diamond Hollow II Diamond Hollow II

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

great game

Very fun game, not too many complaints all around, though there were a few things you might want to take into consideration, though most of them are a matter of personal preference

1.) the music got a bit redundant
2.) a "skip text option" would be nice
3.) cut scenes might be good to help me actually care a bit more about the characters
4.) the weapon balancing was a bit awkward. I never found myself using anything but the regular gun unless I was forced to. Perhaps that comes down to play style, however.
5.) a little more variety in the stage type would be good, like a horizontal section, or slightly different format.
6.) maybe utilizing the various weapon types in a puzzle like fashion (having to ricochet shots in order to hit a switch for example)
7.) actually needing all of the upgrades you get. I almost never needed the lava suit for example or the flashlight for the walls except once for each of them. Yes I needed them to go back and get upgrades, but you could integrate their usage into the levels in rather interesting ways too.
8.) the ending felt a little awkward/unsatisfying, even if it was a cliffhanger. I don't know if something extra will be unlocked upon getting all the medals, but if not, it could have been a little more epic than a sad face emoticon.
9.) dialogue was a little stilted/corny. Could use a bit of work.

again, all minor quibbles/suggestions and nothing big enough to significantly detract from the overall score. I say good job. Now back this heroic boss rush, which I'm starting to think might be impossible.

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Crystal Story Crystal Story

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

fun little game

This was a pretty decent RPG experience for a flash game. The battle system was straight forward but functional and the inclusion of multiple class options, side quests, mini games and a decent aesthetic allowed for the game to hold my interest throughout.

a few complaints though

one, the character classes seemed to be slightly skewed towards one option for each character. The typhoon attack was the most power spell and omnislash was the most powerful physical attack, even if the attack and magic was the same for both characters.

two, money quickly became useless. It would have been nice if you had some ridiculously expensive equipment that cost about 1 million G, because then I would have cared a bit more about actually finding money after level 15 or so.

three, the game was a bit glitchy at times. For instance, the damage done from poison wouldn't always show up and some status effects would linger after they wore off or never show up.

four, and most importantly, the writing was AWFUL! Seriously, get a new writer because every time someone spoke I literally felt guilty for enjoying the rest of the game, it was that bad. The jokes were NOT funny and made even the most trite anime cliches seem hilarious by comparison. If you make another one PLEASE get someone who can actually write dialogue and be, you know, funny.

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-Orr- 4 Brave Champions [FULL] -Orr- 4 Brave Champions [FULL]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is so epic

I would love to animate something to this music, but I feel like anything I made couldn't even compare to how awesome this track is. Maybe someday.

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Defender Defender

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

pretty nice

the artwork itself is excellent and the it definitely creates a bleaker post-apocalyptic tone. The only two gripes I have are the ray gun like appendages the center robot seems to be sporting at the top and the small red spikes in the front of the armor plate. They both look a little tacked on imo, and clash with the overall aesthetic. Again though, excellent work, I look forward to the finished game.

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Spider-Girl Spider-Girl

Rated 4 / 5 stars

oh wow

Hanging like that just looks so painful to me, just trying to imagine what it would feel like to- OUCH!

beam beam

Rated 5 / 5 stars

love your work

just saw lighthouse girl and was absolutely blown away. Your talent is just overwhelming and so is the purity of your passion. Keep it up, I really hope you can make a good career for yourself.

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